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Oak Wooded Gin Tasting Notes

Introducing the Oak Wooded Gin, a spirit that subtly redefines the traditional gin experience. This is a gentle foray into the rich possibilities of oak aging, a technique more commonly seen in whiskeys and wines. By infusing the understated flavor of juniper berries with the refined nuances of oak wood, this gin offers a distinct and captivating profile, ideal for those who savor a gentle twist on the classic.

Tasting Notes:

Oak Wooded Gin exhibits a noticeable brown tint, a gentle reminder of its oak wood aging. This color distinguishes it from traditional gins, softly suggesting the subdued yet unique flavor profile it possesses.

Aromatically, the gin has a subtle lead with the scent of red and blue juniper berries, their piney and delicately fruity notes lightly present. The oak wood aging introduces a nuanced layer to the aroma, interweaving hints of vanilla and warm spices, culminating in a rich yet unobtrusive bouquet.

Upon tasting, the nuanced flavor of juniper berries is discernible, offering their trademark crisp yet not overly peppery taste. The influence of aged oak follows, imparting a smooth, woody backdrop that gently complements the juniper. This meld is complemented by a light touch of spices, adding just enough depth and a whisper of warmth to the spirit.

The texture of the Oak Wooded Gin is notably smooth, an attribute of the oak aging process. This lends the gin a full-bodied yet accessible feel, making it pleasantly enjoyable for sipping and versatile in cocktails.

In the finish, the oak wood’s influence is elegantly apparent. It leaves a lasting, warm impression of woody notes, harmoniously intertwined with the subtle crispness of juniper and a faint echo of spices. The aftertaste is balanced and refined, encouraging another sip with its sophisticated and matured flavor.

Alcohol Content:
  • Gin
  • 40% ABV
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