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Canadian Gin Tasting Notes

Canadian Gin stands out with its vivid purple hue, a natural feature derived from the butterfly pea flower, known for its color-changing properties when mixed with acidic ingredients. This gin balances gentle juniper tones with light floral and fruit essences. Making it an easy entry into for those new to gins, yet intriguing choice for gin enthusiasts.

Tasting Notes:

Canadian Gin captivates with a deep, mystical purple color, a visual allure stemming from the butterfly pea flower, known for its pH-sensitive hue that shifts intriguingly when mixed with acidic elements like lemon juice.

The scent of this gin is a complex blend of botanicals and fruits. The juniper notes are present but understated, allowing room for the more aromatic elements to shine. The butterfly pea flower, alongside other florals such as elderflower and hibiscus, imparts a subtle floral fragrance. This is complemented by the crispness of dried apple and the tangy notes of blueberry and currants, creating an aroma that is both inviting and layered.

Tasting Canadian Gin reveals a carefully balanced flavor profile. The juniper maintains its classic gin presence without dominating, blending seamlessly with the delicate floral and fruity nuances. The butterfly pea flower adds a slight herbal note, while the lemongrass and lemon bring a refreshing citrusy twist. The overall taste is nuanced, with each sip revealing a new layer of flavor.

In terms of texture, Canadian Gin is exceptionally smooth, with the diverse ingredients contributing to a well-rounded mouthfeel. The addition of lemon juice not only changes the color but also adds a slight effervescence, enhancing the gin's refreshing qualities.

The finish is clean and subtly lingering. The floral and fruity notes gently fade, leaving a soft, pleasant aftertaste with a lasting light taste of juniper and a hint of the transformative butterfly pea flower. The changing color aspect adds an interactive dimension to the drinking experience, making it not just a gin, but a conversation piece.

Alcohol Content:
  • Gin
  • 40% ABV
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