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Maple Canadian Cream Soda Recipe

Imagine a drink that's both creamy and refreshing, offering a unique twist on traditional soda beverages. The Maple Canadian Cream Soda is just that – a delightful fusion where rich, velvety textures meet the light, effervescent sparkle of soda. This drink captures the essence of comfort and refreshment in one glass, presenting an inviting appearance with its creamy base and bubbly top. The aroma is a subtle blend of sweet and warm notes, hinting at a relaxing and enjoyable sipping experience.

Photo as a muse: Your cocktail may look different.

50 ml Canadian Northern Cream

Maple Syrup (to taste)

Club Soda (to top)


Mix Cream and Syrup: In a glass, combine 50 ml of Canadian Northern Cream with a splash of maple syrup. Stir gently to infuse the flavors together.

Add Fizz: Top off the glass with club soda, adding as much as you like to achieve your desired level of fizziness.

Stir and Sip: Gently stir the drink again to combine the cream mixture and the soda, without loosing the carbonation. Feel free to garnish with a fun straw or extra drizzle of maple syrup.

Final Note:

As you reach the end of the Maple Canadian Cream Soda, there's a pleasant feeling of having enjoyed something truly special. The drink leaves behind a smooth, sweet aftertaste that's not too heavy, making it a memorable treat. It's the kind of beverage that brings a small but notable joy, perfect for savoring during a quiet moment. The balance between creamy richness and light fizziness makes this drink an appealing choice for those who appreciate a unique, satisfying experience in their beverages.

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