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Canadian Northern Cream Tasting Notes

Introducing the Canadian Northern Cream, a delightfully sweet escape blending the comforting flavors of cream liqueur, salted caramel, and Swiss chocolate, with just a subtle touch of AppleJack. This creamy concoction offers a delectable treat for those who love their spirits rich, sweet, and unapologetically indulgent.

Tasting Notes:

Canadian Northern Cream, with its inviting appearance, has a light cream color infused with just a hint of caramel, suggesting a rich and sweet experience. This subtle yet appealing shade mirrors the sophisticated blend of flavors within.

The aroma is led by the sweet, alluring scent of salted caramel, immediately drawing you in. This is closely followed by the rich, deep notes of Swiss chocolate, creating a luxurious, sweet and inviting bouquet. Underneath these dominant scents, there's a gentle whisper of the creamy liqueur and a faint, woody hint of AppleJack, adding layers of complexity to the overall fragrance.

Upon tasting, the salted caramel is the first to greet the palate, delivering a perfect balance of sweetness and a touch of saltiness. Soon after, the velvety Swiss chocolate comes through, complementing the caramel with its richness. The cream liqueur adds a smooth, velvety texture and a subtle dairy sweetness, while the AppleJack provides a slight reminder of its crisp wooded apple origins, adding depth without overpowering the other flavors.

The texture of the spirit is creamy and luxurious, with the liqueur providing a rich mouthfeel. This is perfectly offset by the slight sharpness of the AppleJack, ensuring that the drink remains balanced and not too heavy.

Finishing a sip of Canadian Northern Cream, the flavors of salted caramel and chocolate linger, leaving a satisfyingly sweet aftertaste with the mouthfeel of cream and a subtle, pleasant reminder of the AppleJack. This spirit offers a delicious blend of indulgence and subtlety, making each sip a delightful and sweet experience.

Alcohol Content:
  • Northern Cream, AppleJack
  • 15% ABV
Serving Instructions:
  • Shake bottle well before pouring
  • Serve as is over ice or include in a recipe
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