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Cocoa Caramel Delight Recipe

Embrace the warmth of the season with our Cocoa Caramel Delight, a luscious and rich cocktail that combines the creamy goodness of Union Ten's Canadian Northern Cream with the deep, robust flavors of dark rum. This cocktail is like a dessert in a glass, garnished with chocolate shavings to add that extra touch of indulgence. It's perfect for those who love a bit of sweetness and warmth in their winter beverages.

Photo as a muse: Your cocktail may look different.

50 ml Canadian Northern Cream

25 ml Dark Rum

Chocolate Shavings, for garnish


Prepare Your Glass: Choose a suitable glass for this decadent cocktail. A martini or coupe glass works well.

Combine the Ingredients: In a shaker, mix 50 ml of Canadian Northern Cream with 25 ml of dark rum. Add ice to the shaker.

Shake Well: Shake the mixture vigorously until it's well-chilled and the flavors are blended.

Strain and Serve: Strain the cocktail into your prepared glass. The smooth, creamy mixture should have a slight froth on top.

Garnish: Sprinkle chocolate shavings over the top of the cocktail. The chocolate not only looks good, but also enhances the rich flavors of the drink.

Final Note:

The Cocoa Caramel Delight blends the smooth, sweet flavors of Union Ten's Canadian Northern Cream with the warmth of dark rum. This cocktail is perfect for savoring after dinner, by the fireplace, or during festive gatherings. It's a reminder of the simple pleasures that make winter so special. Dive into the delightful world of Union Ten's festive spirits, and let this cocktail be your companion on chilly winter nights. Here's to a season of sweetness, warmth, and memorable moments!

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