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Mountain Berry Vodka Tasting Notes

Introducing our all-natural Mountain Berry Vodka...

Tasting Notes:

Mountain Berry Vodka features a unique sunset berry tint, reflecting its blend of natural raspberry and blackberry flavors. This inviting color is both playful and appealing, clearly suggesting the presence of ripe, juicy berries.

The scent of this vodka is a straightforward combination of raspberry and blackberry. The raspberry brings a light, fruity aroma, while the blackberry adds a slightly richer, more robust note. Together, they create an aroma that's fresh and reminiscent of mixed berries.

When tasted, the Mountain Berry Vodka offers a clear berry flavor. The raspberry stands out with its mild sweetness and a touch of tartness, followed by the deeper taste of blackberry. The vodka itself has a clean taste, providing a neutral backdrop that allows the berry flavors to be the main focus.

The texture is smooth and relatively light, with the natural flavors of the berries adding a touch of body. This makes the vodka pleasant to drink on its own and also versatile for mixing into cocktails.

Finishing a sip, the berry flavors leave a lasting impression, with a balance between the sweet raspberry and the fuller blackberry. The finish is clean, with a refreshing berry aftertaste that's enjoyable and not overly lingering.

Alcohol Content:
  • Vodka
  • 30% ABV
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