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Mountain Berry Holiday Cooler Recipe

Embark on a flavor adventure with the Mountain Berry Cooler. This drink brings a lively buzz to your palate, with a gentle fizz that complements its subtly enticing berry essence. Each sip feels like a refreshing wave, invigorating without overpowering. It's the kind of drink that subtly enhances your day, offering a delightful break with its crisp and inviting taste.

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50 ml Mountain Berry Vodka

100 ml Cranberry Juice (optionally Sparkling Cranberry Juice)

A Splash of Soda Water

Fresh Cranberries, for garnish

Rosemary optional, for garnish


Prepare Your Glass: Fill a highball glass with ice cubes.

Add the Vodka: Pour 50 ml of Mountain Berry Vodka over the ice.

Pour Sparkling Cranberry Juice: Add 100 ml of cranberry juice, lending a festive color and flavor.

Add a Fizzy Touch: Top off the mixture with a splash of club soda.

Stir Gently: Use a stirrer or spoon to mix the ingredients lightly, ensuring a delightful blend of flavors.

Garnish: Garnish with a few fresh cranberries and an optional sprig of rosemary, adding a touch of Christmas elegance and a hint of herbal aroma.

Closing Note:

Finishing the Mountain Berry Cooler, you're left with a lingering sense of refreshment. This drink wraps up its flavor journey on a high note, leaving a crisp and pleasing aftertaste. It's the kind of drink that brings a quiet satisfaction, perfectly balancing its fizzy lift with a hint of berry freshness. A delightful end to a flavorful experience, it's refreshingly satisfying without being overly complex.

This drink is a wonderful way to toast to the season's joy, bringing a dash of mountain berry charm to your holiday festivities. Cheers to a merry and bright Christmas, filled with delightful moments and the magic of the season!

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