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Double Double Northern Cream Tasting Notes

Immerse yourself in the unique charm of Double Double Northern Cream, a spirit that artfully embodies the essence of Canada's cherished 'Double Double' coffee tradition. This delightful blend of sweet cream and rich coffee flavors offers a comforting and familiar taste, inviting you on a nostalgic journey with each creamy sip.

Tasting Notes:

Double Double Northern Cream, inspired by the iconic Canadian coffee order of 'Double Double' meaning two creams and two sweeteners, presents a comforting tan colour, much like a well-creamed coffee. This familiar and inviting shade is a nod to the beloved beverage it draws inspiration from.

The aroma instantly recalls the classic 'Double Double' coffee, with the sweetness of the cream blending with the rich, deep notes of coffee. This scent is both nostalgic and inviting, capturing the essence of a beloved morning ritual in a sophisticated spirit form.

On the palate, the sweet cream is immediately discernible, offering a creamy and smooth introduction. This is closely followed by the robust coffee flavor, reminiscent of a freshly brewed cup with the perfect balance of cream and sweetness. The spirit captures the essence of the 'Double Double' in a refined and sippable form.

In texture, it mirrors the creaminess of a well-prepared coffee, rich without being overly heavy. The bitterness of the coffee is subtly present, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable mouthfeel, akin to savouring a favourite coffee blend.

The finish of Double Double Northern Cream is gentle and satisfying. The interplay of sweet cream and coffee leaves a lasting impression that is both comforting and familiar, echoing the simple pleasure of a well-made 'Double Double' coffee. This spirit offers a unique and affectionate tribute to a Canadian classic.

Alcohol Content:
  • Northern Cream
  • 15% ABV
Serving Instructions:
  • Shake bottle well before opening
  • Serve as is over ice or include in a recipe
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