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Twilight Gin Fizz Recipe

The Twilight Gin Fizz is an enchanting cocktail that perfectly showcases the color-changing magic of your Canadian Gin. This bubbly and light drink combines the unique attributes of the gin with the crispness of soda and a hint of citrus, resulting in a cocktail that's as visually stunning as it is delicious. Ideal for evening gatherings or as a gorgeous nightcap, the Twilight Gin Fizz is an experience that celebrates the transition from day to night.  

Photo as a muse: Your cocktail may look different.
50 ml Canadian Gin

20 ml Lime Juice (freshly squeezed)

10 ml Simple Syrup

Soda Water


Lime Wheel or Edible Flowers for garnish

Mix Gin and Citrus: In a shaker, combine 50 ml of Canadian Gin with 20 ml of freshly squeezed lime juice. The lime juice will initiate the color change in the gin, creating a captivating visual effect.

Sweeten: Add 10 ml of simple syrup to the shaker. Adjust the sweetness to your liking by modifying the amount of syrup.

Shake: Shake the mixture with ice until well-chilled. This integrates the gin, lime juice, and syrup, while also cooling the drink.

Prepare Your Glass: Fill a glass with ice cubes.

Strain and Top with Soda: Strain the cocktail into the glass over the ice and top up with soda water. 

Garnish: Garnish with a lime wheel or edible flowers for an extra touch of elegance and charm.

Closing Note:

The Twilight Gin Fizz is a cocktail that captures the mesmerizing hues of twilight skies. As you enjoy this delightful and refreshing drink, let the unique characteristics of the Canadian Gin transform an ordinary moment into an extraordinary one. It's the perfect way to celebrate the end of a day or the beginning of a night, filled with the magic of color and the joy of a well-crafted cocktail.

Cheers to evenings that sparkle with wonder and drinks that dazzle the senses!

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