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Espresso White Russian Recipe

Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting spirit of the holiday season with our Espresso White Russian! It's the perfect winter coffee delight that captures the essence of this magical time of year. Whether you're cozied up by the fireplace or celebrating with friends and family, this cocktail is your invitation to savor the warmth and charm of the holidays. So, grab your glass, embrace the festive vibes, and let's make some wonderful memories together.

Photo as a muse: Your cocktail may look different.

50 ml Cold Brew Liqueur

25 ml Vodka

25 ml Cream

Ground Cinnamon, for garnish


Prepare Your Glass: Begin by selecting a rocks glass for your Espresso White Russian. You'll want it to be chilled, so consider placing it in the freezer for a few minutes or filling it with ice temporarily, before draining.

Combine the Ingredients: In a shaker or mixing glass, blend 50 ml of Cold Brew Liqueur with 25 ml of vodka and 25 ml of cream. The proportions can vary to your taste preferences, so feel free to adjust the amounts accordingly.

Add Ice: Fill your chilled rocks glass with ice cubes.

Pour the Mixture: Slowly pour the Cold Brew Liqueur, vodka, and cream mixture over the ice in the glass. 

Garnish: Sprinkle a pinch of ground cinnamon on top of your Espresso White Russian. The cinnamon not only adds a delightful aroma but also enhances the cozy flavors of the cocktail.

Final Note:

There you have your Espresso White Russian, a luxurious and flavorful cocktail that's sure to please. It's the perfect blend of coffee and cream, with a hint of sweetness, ideal for winding down in the evening or as a special treat. This cocktail is a great way to enjoy a classic with a contemporary twist. Here's to a winter filled with warmth and unforgettable flavors!

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