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Winter Spiced Mule Recipe

 Get ready to spice up your winter with a refreshing twist! Introducing our Winter Spiced Mule, a cocktail that's bursting with the vibrant flavors of cranberry and a delightful hint of warm spices. It's the perfect way to embrace the season's cozy charm and add a little zing to your gatherings. Imagine sipping on this festive concoction, wrapped in your coziest blanket, and watching the snowfall outside. It's like a sip of winter's magic in every glass! So, grab your copper mug and let's toast to the joy and flavors of the season with our Winter Spiced Mule.

Photo as a muse: Your cocktail may look different.
50 ml Cranberry Spiced Vodka

150 ml Ginger Beer

1-2 Lime Wedges

Fresh Cranberries, for garnish

  1. Fill a copper mug with ice to start chilling the mug. You can put the mug in the freezer for 20 minutes before making the drink to help keep the drink cold.
  2. Squeeze the juice from one or two lime wedges into the mug, depending on your preference for tartness. Drop the squeezed lime wedges into the mug for added flavor.
  3. Pour in 50 ml of Cranberry Spiced Vodka. The cranberry infusion adds a delightful winter twist to the classic Moscow Mule.
  4. Top off the mug with 150 ml of ginger beer. The ginger beer's bubbliness and spiciness complement the cranberry vodka beautifully.
  5. Give the ingredients a gentle stir to ensure they're well combined.
  6. Garnish your Winter Spiced Mule with a few fresh cranberries. Not only do they add a pop of color, but they also enhance the drink's festive look.
Closing Note:

As you take that final sip of our Winter Spiced Mule and savor the lingering flavors of cranberry and spices, remember that every season is a chance to create cherished memories with loved ones. Just like the holiday season's warmth and charm, this cocktail brings a touch of magic to your gatherings. So, whether you're sipping it by the fireside or sharing it with friends, may each glass be a reminder of the joy, togetherness, and delightful flavors that make this season truly special. Cheers to winter's embrace and the wonderful memories it brings! 

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