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Christmas AppleJack Tasting Notes

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Tasting Notes:

Christmas Applejack displays a classic amber color, reminiscent of a crisp apple cider, enhanced by the playful sparkle of glitter dust. This combination gives it a lively appearance, as the glitter catches the light, adding a subtle yet charming visual effect to the traditional warmth of the AppleJack's color.

On the nose, this spirit offers a delightful blend of AppleJack's crisp apple aromas, complemented by the warm spice of cinnamon. The subtle nuances of star anise, cloves, and vanilla add depth and complexity to the aroma, making it inviting and reminiscent of holiday festivities.

Tasting Christmas Applejack, the flavors align beautifully with the aroma. The appleJack provides a fresh, fruity base, which is then enhanced by the rich warmth of cinnamon. As the spirit rests on the palate, the other spices and vanilla gently unfold, adding layers of flavor without overpowering the primary notes.

In terms of texture, the spirit is smooth and inviting, with the glitter dust adding a visual intrigue without affecting the mouthfeel. This smoothness makes Christmas Applejack enjoyable to sip, allowing the interplay of apple and spices to shine through clearly.

The finish of Christmas Applejack is warm and satisfying, with the apple and cinnamon flavors lingering, followed by a subtle hint of the other spices and vanilla. This leaves a pleasant and lasting impression, making Christmas Applejack a perfect choice for those who appreciate a spirit with a festive twist.

Alcohol Content:
  • AppleJack
  • 32% ABV

Shake well before opening for shimmer

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