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Chocolatini Recipe

The Chocolatini recipe has been our top Chocolate Liqueur recipe for years. It combines the creamy sweet caramel flavours of the Canadian Northern Cream with the liquid chocolate flavour of the Chocolate Liqueur. It's a perfect dessert cocktail or a great way to sweeten up your evening.

Photo as a muse: Your cocktail may look different.
1 large ice cube
50 ml of Chocolate Liqueur
50 ml of Canadian Northern Cream
2 shallow bowls or saucers
Chocolate sugar (or chocolate shavings/ sprinkles)
  1. Place chocolate sugar in a shallow bowl
  2. Place water in another shallow bowl
  3. Wet rim of the rocks glass with the water, then evenly dip it in the chocolate sugar.
  4. Place ice cube in glass.
  5. Pour 50 ml of Chocolate Liqueur over ice.
  6. Pour in 50 ml of Canadian Northern Cream.
  7. Stir gently until chilled.
Closing Note:

Feel free to experiment with the Chocolatini garnish. You can rim it with shavings off of a chocolate bar, chocolate sprinkles or even chocolate sauce. If you're a big chocolate fan you can even add a piece of chocolate into the martini. It will slowly melt in and add more chocolatey goodness as you sip!

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