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Peppermint Café Mocha

Ready to savor a taste of winter's charm? Our Peppermint Café Mocha recipe is your ticket to a cozy, seasonal sip that's perfect for chilly days. Let's dive into this delightful concoction together and enjoy the essence of the holidays.

Photo as a muse: Your cocktail may look different.
1 Larger Mug
120 ml Coffee (or to taste)
50 ml of Candy Cane Martini
30 ml of Chocolate Liqueur (or 15 ml of Chocolate Sauce)
Spoon or Stir Stick
Candy Cane (optional garnish)

Brew Coffee: Brew a cup of coffee as per it's instructions.

Add Martini: Gently pour in Candy Cane Martini to avoid splashes of hot coffee.

Add Chocolate: Gently pour the Chocolate Liqueur or Chocolate Sauce into the drink.

Slow stir: Slowly stir the drink with a stir stick or spoon to combine and blend the ingredients.

Garnish: Optionally hang a candy cane off the side of your mug as a garnish. You can also leave it in the mug and use it as a stir stick, adding more peppermint flavour.

Closing Note:

As you sip on this Peppermint Café Mocha, allow it to transport you to a winter wonderland of flavors. We hope you find the warmth and joy of the season in every delightful sip.

Now, let's get brewing and make this winter treat your reality!

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