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Iced Coffee Float Recipe

Embrace the crisp and festive flavors of winter with our Iced Coffee Float, a chilled delight that's perfect for the season. This refreshing concoction is a treat that captures the essence of holiday indulgence. So, picture yourself sipping on this frosty delight, surrounded by the joyful sights and sounds of the holidays. It's like a sip of winter wonderland in every glass! So, go ahead, add a touch of frosty magic to your holiday celebrations with our Iced Coffee Float.   

Photo as a muse: Your cocktail may look different.

50 ml Cold Brew Liqueur

Vanilla Ice Cream (or Coffee flavoured)

Coffee Beans, for garnish (optional)


Prepare Your Glass: Begin by selecting a glass for your Iced Coffee Float. Consider setting it in the freezer for a bit to pre chill it.

Add Ice Cream: Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream into your glass. 

Add Cold Brew Liqueur: Pour the Cold Brew Liqueur over the ice cream in your glass. Try to get it evenly around the ice cream so you don't need to stir.

Optional Garnish: Sprinkle coffee beans on top of your Iced Coffee Float. Not only do they add a charming visual appeal, but they also provide an extra burst of coffee flavor with each sip.

Enjoy: You can sip this and enjoy the changing flavours as the ice cream melts. You can also start off using a spoon if you like.

Final Note:

The Iced Coffee Float is a testament to the simple joys of the holiday season. Whether you're enjoying it as a solo treat or sharing it with loved ones, this chilled delight is sure to bring smiles and warmth to your winter moments. Cheers to the season of festivities and unforgettable flavors!

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