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Peppermintini Tasting Notes

The Peppermintini is a creative blend of peppermint and cream, offering a refreshing twist on traditional cream-based cocktails. Its unique flavor profile combines the crispness of mint with the smoothness of cream, creating a drink that is both pleasing and easy to enjoy.

Tasting Notes:

The Peppermintini displays a soft, pastel pink hue, a result of the candy cane syrup blending seamlessly with the creamy base. This color is gentle and inviting, hinting at the beverage's sweet and minty character without being overly bold or intense.

The aroma of the Peppermintini is led by a clear peppermint scent, which is fresh and minty. This is complemented by a backdrop of creamy notes, providing a sense of warmth and richness. Together, these aromas create a balanced and inviting experience, reminiscent of a mint-infused dessert.

In terms of taste, the Peppermintini offers a smooth blend of flavors. The peppermint is upfront, delivering a refreshing and clean mint taste, which is then smoothly followed by the mild, sweet creaminess of the Canadian Cream. This combination creates a pleasant and well-rounded flavor profile, where the mint and cream complement each other without one overpowering the other.

The texture of the beverage is smooth, primarily due to the Canadian Cream. It provides a creamy consistency, which is lightened slightly by the addition of peppermint flavoring, making the drink neither too heavy nor too light on the palate.

The finish is clean, leaving a mild taste of peppermint that slowly fades into the creamy sweetness from the liqueur. This ending is pleasant and not overpowering, making the Peppermintini a suitable choice for those who enjoy a subtly flavored, creamy beverage.

Alcohol Content:
  • Vodka & Northern Cream
  • 30% ABV
Serving Instructions:

Shake bottle well then pour over ice or

Shake the Peppermintini with ice in a martini shaker, strain into a chilled glass.

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