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Frosty Old Fashioned Tasting Notes

The Frosty Old Fashioned reimagines the traditional cocktail with a distinctive blend of applejack, gingerbread, orange, cinnamon, and syrup. This creative concoction offers a nuanced and layered taste experience, inviting a fresh appreciation for classic cocktail elements.

Tasting Notes:

The Frosty Old Fashioned, color that shows it's AppleJack base, presents a visually appealing aspect that hints at the complexity within. Its aroma is a sophisticated blend where the robust applejack intertwines with the rich gingerbread. Subtle layers of orange and cinnamon add depth, creating a multi-faceted bouquet.

Upon tasting, the cocktail's complexity is fully revealed. The applejack provides a strong, fruity base, harmoniously interlacing with the deep, spiced notes of gingerbread. The cinnamon introduces a layer of spice, while the orange adds a nuanced citrus undertone, enhancing the overall profile without dominating.

The texture of the drink mirrors its layered flavors. It strikes a balance between richness and drinkability, allowing each element to be experienced without any single flavor overpowering the others.

The finish showcases the cocktail's layered character. It leaves a lasting impression where the interplay of flavors - the applejack, gingerbread, cinnamon, and hints of barrel aging - gradually unfolds, each note complementing the others in a sophisticated and lingering aftertaste. The Frosty Old Fashioned is an intricately crafted drink, offering a complex and layered tasting experience.

Alcohol Content:
  • AppleJack
  • 35% ABV
Serving Instructions:

Do you like it shaken or stirred?

Pour into a glass with 1 ice cube and give a gentle stir, or

Shake the old fashioned with ice in a martini shaker, strain into a chilled glass.

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