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Peppermint Mocha Northern Cream Tasting Notes

Introducing the Peppermint Mocha Northern Cream, a distinctive blend that seamlessly combines the rich taste of dark chocolate with the crispness of peppermint. This cocktail, with its light chocolate-tinged cream appearance, sets the stage for a flavor journey that is both comforting and invigorating.

Tasting Notes:

Peppermint Mocha Northern Cream presents a visually inviting appearance, with its creamy base gently tinted by the richness of dark chocolate, suggesting a blend of indulgence and freshness.

The aroma is a delightful interplay of chocolate and peppermint, creating a scent that is both rich and refreshing. This inviting combination is further enriched by a subtle hint of espresso, adding a depth that complements the primary scents.

Upon tasting, the cocktail first introduces the deep, luxurious flavor of chocolate, which smoothly transitions to the refreshing zing of peppermint. This progression of flavors is well-balanced, ensuring that the peppermint enhances rather than overwhelms the chocolate's richness.

In terms of texture, the Peppermint Mocha Northern Cream is creamy and smooth, characteristic of its cream base. The texture is further refined by the addition of espresso, which adds a slight richness without detracting from the overall smoothness.

The finish of the cocktail is satisfying, leaving a lingering taste of chocolate followed by a pleasant peppermint aftertaste. This combination provides a balanced ending to the drink, making the Peppermint Mocha Northern Cream an excellent choice for those who enjoy a classic flavor pairing in a creamy, sophisticated beverage.

Alcohol Content:
  • Northern Cream
  • 15% ABV
Serving Instructions:
  • Shake bottle well before opening
  • Serve as is over ice or include in a recipe
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