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Winter Martini Tasting Notes

Step into a winter wonderland with our Winter Martini, a cocktail that artfully blends the festive flavors of cranberry, orange, and warm winter spices. This vibrant red martini captures the essence of the holiday season, offering a taste experience that is both comforting and exhilarating.

Tasting Notes:

Winter Martini presents itself with a rich red color, straightforward and inviting, much like a classic holiday ornament. This simple yet elegant appearance is reflective of its festive character.

The aroma of the Winter Martini is a delightful blend of cranberry and orange, creating a fresh and fruity scent. This is accented by the warmth of winter spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and cloves, which add a subtle depth and a hint of traditional holiday aromas.

Upon tasting, the cranberry flavor is immediately apparent, offering a tart and fruity profile. This is seamlessly followed by the sweet and citrusy notes of orange. The cinnamon, along with hints of nutmeg and cloves, then comes through, providing a warm and slightly spicy undertone. The vodka, serving as the base, supports these flavors without adding any overpowering notes.

The texture is smooth and balanced. The vodka ensures a clean sip, while the combination of cranberry and orange provides a light and refreshing body. The spices contribute a slight richness, ensuring the drink has enough weight to feel substantial but not heavy.

Finishing the Winter Martini, the flavors of cranberry and orange linger briefly, leaving a fresh and fruity aftertaste. The spices, especially cinnamon, leave a warm and comforting note, making for a pleasant and harmonious conclusion that doesn't overstay its welcome.

Alcohol Content:
  • Vodka base
  • 30% ABV
Serving Instructions:
  • Shake bottle well
  • Serve over ice
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