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Nice Shot Tasting Notes

Introducing the Nice Shot, a cocktail that playfully dances on the line between naughty and nice. Envision the holiday season with its contrasts - the brisk, snowy nights and the warmth of a cheerful hearth. This drink captures that duality, blending the indulgent, rich tones of chocolate with the lively, sweet notes of cherry. It's a toast to the festive season's spirited mischief and heartwarming traditions, all swirled into your glass.

Tasting Notes:

Nice Shot boasts a color that's reminiscent of a cozy Christmas evening by the fire. Its deep, rich tone melds the warmth of hot chocolate with a subtle glint of cherry, much like the colors found in a traditional yuletide log dessert. This inviting, festive shade captures the essence of holiday cheer and comfort.

The aroma of Nice Shot is led by the distinct smell of chocolate fudge, which is neither too rich nor overpowering. This is closely followed by a fresh, fruity undertone of cherry, offering a pleasant contrast. Together, they create a straightforward yet inviting scent profile.

On tasting, the cocktail offers a clear flavor of chocolate, complemented by the lighter, slightly tart taste of cherry. The vodka, while providing structure to the drink, remains in the background, letting the main flavors shine without being overshadowed.

In terms of texture, Nice Shot has a smoothness typical of vodka-based cocktails, with a balance that makes it approachable and easy to drink. The chocolate and cherry flavors combine to give a moderately rich mouthfeel, but not so much that it feels heavy.

Finishing a sip of Nice Shot, the flavors of chocolate and cherry linger for a moment, then fade to leave a mild, pleasing aftertaste. The vodka's presence becomes more noticeable towards the end, ensuring a clean finish. Making this cocktail a pleasantly easy choice for those who enjoy a drink that's flavorful yet not too complex.

Alcohol Content:
  • Vodka Base
  • 29% ABV
Serving Instructions:
  • Serve over ice and enjoy slowly, or place in a chilled shot glass and enjoy quick!
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