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Canadian Old Fashioned Tasting Notes

Introducing the Canadian Old Fashioned, where a touch of Canadian charm meets a classic spirit. This isn't just another variant of the Old Fashioned; it's a homage to Canadian craftsmanship, blending traditional methods with local flavors. Each sip is an invitation to explore a familiar drink in an entirely new light.

Tasting Notes:

Upon first glance, the Canadian Old Fashioned displays a pale amber shade, a visual cue to its refined and mature character. This coloring is a natural result of the AppleJack spirit's aging process and its unique blend of ingredients, offering a glimpse into the rich, nuanced experience it promises.

The aroma is dominated by the aged applejack, with its deep apple notes enriched by the oak rye barrels. The scent is warm and inviting, with a subtle hint of orange adding a fresh dimension.

On tasting, the cocktail reveals a complex blend of the mature applejack and the crisp, tangy orange. The applejack's richness is perfectly counterbalanced by the brightness of the orange, creating a well-rounded flavor profile. The Angostura bitters contribute a nuanced complexity, adding a spiced, slightly bitter edge that deepens the overall taste.

The texture is smooth, with a richness that comes from the applejack and a slight crispness from the orange flavor. It's a drink that feels satisfying in the mouth, with a good balance between the strength of the spirit and the subtlety of the flavors.

The finish is warm and satisfying, with the applejack and orange flavors gradually subsiding, leaving behind a subtle spiciness from the bitters. It's a finish that's both warming and slightly stimulating, reflecting the spirit's balanced and thoughtful composition.

Alcohol Content:
  • AppleJack base
  • 38% ABV
Serving Instructions:

Do you like it shaken or stirred?

Pour into a glass with 1 ice cube and give a gentle stir, or

Shake the old fashioned with ice in a martini shaker, strain into a chilled glass.

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