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Lavender Bees Knees Tasting Notes

Introducing the Lavender Bees Knees, a cocktail that artfully blends the elegance of London Dry Gin with the natural sweetness of honey and the refreshing zest of lemon juice. Its unique character is further enhanced by the delicate infusion of lavender syrup, creating a drinking experience that is both sophisticated and delightfully refreshing.

Tasting Notes:

With its gentle sunset purple appearance and the noticeable specks of real honey, the Lavender Bees Knees offers a visually striking and inviting presentation.

On the nose, the aroma is a balanced mix of lemon and lavender, both prominent but not overwhelming. These floral and citrus notes are complemented by a hint of the botanicals from the London Dry Gin, adding a layer of complexity to the scent.

Tasting the cocktail, the lemon and lavender flavors are upfront, delivering a refreshing and slightly sweet profile. Following this, the honey's natural sweetness comes through, smoothly integrating with the gin's botanicals, which add a subtle earthiness.

In terms of texture, the cocktail is smooth, with the honey providing a gentle viscosity that is offset by the acidity of the lemon juice, ensuring the drink doesn't feel too thick or sticky.

The finish is clean, with the lavender and lemon lingering briefly on the palate. The honey's sweetness dissipates, leaving a mild, botanical aftertaste from the gin, making for a pleasant and balanced end to the drink.

Alcohol Content:
  • London Dry Gin based
  • 21% ABV
Serving Instructions:
  • Shake well before pouring
  • Serve over ice
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