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Espresso Martini Tasting Notes

Discover the Espresso Martini, a contemporary cocktail that thoughtfully combines the rich taste of espresso with the smooth qualities of vodka and a hint of vanilla. This drink offers a straightforward yet enjoyable taste experience, ideal for those who appreciate the depth of coffee flavors in their cocktails.

Tasting Notes:

The Espresso Martini, with its deep, dark brown espresso color, offers a clear yet richly tinted visual, capturing the essence of its primary ingredient. This color, while dense, retains a degree of translucency that hints at the cocktail's smooth texture.

Upon the first scent, the aroma of strong espresso dominates, offering a robust and inviting coffee fragrance. The hint of vanilla subtly weaves through the espresso, providing a slight sweetness that complements without overpowering the primary scent.

The taste is predominantly that of espresso, rich and pronounced, embodying the boldness of well-brewed coffee. The vanilla's presence is more felt than tasted, rounding out the edges of the vodka and espresso, creating a harmonious blend that is both smooth and flavorful.

The texture mirrors the visual appearance; it's smooth and slightly viscous, akin to a well-pulled shot of espresso, but balanced by the vodka to prevent it from being overly heavy.

The finish is clean and predominantly coffee-flavored, leaving a satisfying espresso aftertaste with just a whisper of vanilla and the warm, subtle presence of vodka, making for an elegant and enjoyable conclusion to the drink.

Alcohol Content:
  • Vodka based
  • 30% ABV
Serving Instructions:

Shake bottle well and serve over ice, or

Shake the Espresso Martini with ice in a martini shaker, strain into a chilled glass.

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