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Spiced Christmas Cream: A Festive Delight with a Dash of Spice

When the holiday season arrives, why not indulge in a Spiced Christmas Cream? This delightful concoction features Christmas Northern Cream with a touch of ground cinnamon or nutmeg, served over ice. It's a spiced, creamy treat that captures the essence of the season.


50 ml Christmas Northern Cream

A Dash of Ground Cinnamon or Nutmeg


Cinnamon Stick or Fresh Nutmeg, for garnish


Prepare Your Glass: Start by placing ice cubes in a suitable glass. The ice will keep your drink perfectly chilled.

Mix with Christmas Northern Cream: Pour 50 ml of Christmas Northern Cream over the ice, infusing it with the rich, creamy flavors of the holiday season.

Add a Dash of Spice: To elevate the experience, sprinkle a dash of ground cinnamon or nutmeg into the glass. These warm spices add a delightful depth of flavor to your drink.

Optional Garnish: For a final festive touch, garnish your Spiced Christmas Cream with a cinnamon stick or a small grating of fresh nutmeg. This not only enhances the presentation but also adds an extra burst of seasonal aroma.

Final Note:

As you enjoy your Spiced Christmas Cream, savor the heartwarming flavors that come together in this delightful holiday-inspired drink. It's a reminder of the cozy moments and festive gatherings that make this time of year so special. Whether you're celebrating with friends or taking a quiet break by the fireplace, Spiced Christmas Cream is a wonderful companion. Here's to a season filled with warmth, joy, and the simple pleasures of the holidays.

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