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S'mores Coffee Creamer: A Quick Fireside Flavor Boost

The S'mores Coffee Creamer is a simple yet delightful way to transform your regular coffee into a s'mores-flavored treat. By adding Fireside S'mores Northern Cream to your coffee, you can quickly infuse the familiar and comforting taste of a fireside s'mores into your daily routine. This is perfect for those mornings during the holiday season when you crave something special, or when you wish to add a festive twist to your coffee break. It's an effortless way to bring a hint of holiday cheer to your day.

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Fireside S'mores Northern Cream (to taste)


Brew Your Favorite Coffee: Prepare your regular coffee to your liking, whether it's a strong espresso, a classic Americano, or a milder brew.

Add Fireside S'mores Northern Cream: Stir in the Fireside S'mores Northern Cream to your brewed coffee, adjusting the amount to suit your taste preference. The cream adds a delightful s'mores flavor with a creamy texture.

Mix Well: Ensure that the Northern Cream is fully incorporated into the coffee for a smooth, evenly flavored drink.

Final Note:

The S'mores Coffee Creamer is a small, everyday luxury that brings the joy of the holiday season to your cup. As you savor the unique blend of coffee and s'mores flavors, let it remind you of cozy winter moments and the simple pleasures that make the festive season so special. Here's to starting your day with a touch of sweetness and a hint of holiday spirit!

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