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Santa's Sipper Tasting Notes

Introducing the Santa's Sipper, a distinguished beverage that showcases the rich and full-bodied flavors of well-aged port brandy. Its deep reddish-brown color with hints of purple hints at the complexity and depth waiting to be explored in each sip.

Tasting Notes:

Santa’s Sipper, with its rich reddish-brown hue accented by hints of purple, presents a deep and inviting color that speaks to its aged quality.

On the nose, the aroma is predominantly that of port, showcasing the complex and layered scents that come from its aging process. This bouquet is rich and robust, offering a sense of the depth and character that the drink possesses.

Upon tasting, the dominant port flavors are immediately evident, revealing the intricacies of its well-aged character. The port brandy provides a full-bodied and rich taste, with layers of complexity that unfold as the drink lingers on the palate.

In terms of texture, Santa’s Sipper is smooth and velvety, a testament to the quality of the aging process. The richness of the port brandy imparts a luxurious feel, making each sip a sumptuous experience.

The finish of Santa’s Sipper is long and satisfying, with the lingering taste of aged port. This ending is both rich and smooth, leaving an enduring impression that invites further exploration of its deep and complex flavors. This beverage is a superb choice for those who appreciate the refined and mature tastes that come from well-aged spirits.

Alcohol Content:
  • Port Brandy
  • 30% ABV
Serving Instructions:
  • Shake bottle well
  • Serve over ice
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