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Learn why natural spirits are better with our craft distillery

For those who drink spirits, nearly all have a preferred liquor that they particularly enjoy above all of the rest. Whether it’s vodka, whiskey, tequila, or any other type of alcohol, one will normally reign supreme. However, most name brand spirits and liquors aren’t always made as wholesomely as you might think. In today’s blog, Union Ten Distillery, the top-rated distillery of natural spirits in London, Ontario, will go over why handmade, natural spirits are better than most mass produced, name brand liquors you can find at most liquor stores.

No GMOsclear drinking glass

Non-GMO products are some of the latest crazes when it comes to the food/drink industry. But what exactly are GMOs? GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are any plants or animal materials that have been scientifically altered or were created in a laboratory-like setting. A large percentage of plants we use and consume today are GMOs, such as corn, carrots, tobacco, and more. While most GMOs don’t cause too much known harm to the human body, they can be harder to digest as well as lacking in certain essential nutrients that normal crops contain. GMO crops have also been linked to the mass disappearance and die-off of honeybees around the world.

Here at Union Ten Distillery, we don’t use GMO crops or ingredients to make our artisanal spirits. We use high-quality, natural crops and methods in order to make world-class, all-natural liquors that taste great. We’re proud of our spirits as well as the hard work we put into each and every small-batch liquor we make.


While we may not have been around for 100 plus years, or use fancy gimmicks like gold or free tumbler glasses to draw you into buying our spirits, Union Ten Distillery still makes all of our small-batch spirits by hand. We put in countless hours each and every day in order to perfect and hone our recipes as well as our distilling techniques so we can bring world-class liquors to the great people of London, Ontario. Here at Union Ten Distillery, we make high-quality whiskey, bourbon, gin, vodka, and other liquors that taste amazing. You’re sure to notice the difference with your very first sip.

Small-Batch Liquors

While big-name distilleries make and distribute their liquors for people all over the world, large-batch liquors aren’t always the best in terms of quality. Most mass produced liquors are made the exact same way every single time, meaning that you’ll get the exact same flavors and quality with every bottle or drink you purchase. There isn’t much variety when it comes to large-batch liquors, and even if there are different flavors that a company puts out, there are still undertones or even major notes of the main product in that company’s line of liquor.

With small-batch liquors, every single spirit is uniquely made. That means you may get different flavors, notes, or textures with the same type of spirit on two separate occasions, but you’ll also retain a high quality spirit. With rotating spirits and flavors, you’re always sure to find something new from a distillery that specializes in small-batch liquors and artisanal spirits.

If you want to see why natural spirits are better than most mass produced ones, then come to your local distillery in London, Ontario at Union Ten Distillery. Learn more about our natural spirits, get to know our London distillery, or contact Union Ten to schedule a tour or private event today.