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An Adult Festive Trend 2

🎅Your New Adult Christmas Tradition🍸

Each holiday season brings with it a buzz—a new trend, a must-have item, or a festive experience that everyone seems to be raving about. And while the race to get the latest holiday trend is as old as time, this year, there's something that stands out from the crowd. 

The Talk of the Town: Cocktail Advent Calendar 🍹
Yes, you heard it right. The Cocktail Advent Calendar is the festive trend that's causing a stir. And it's not just any calendar; it's an experience, a daily moment of delight that has everyone eagerly awaiting December.
Others Are Chasing, But Can't Quite Catch Up 🚀

Sure, there are attempts by other retailers to jump on the bandwagon. But let's be real—there's craft, and then there's mass-produced. True enthusiasts can tell, and they're all vying for the genuine experience.

Our leading competitors only offer 30ml bottles. That means we have 67% MORE in our 50 ml bottles!

We treated ourselves to an advent calendar and it is AMAZING!! Every bottle is delicious and speaks of quality and flavour. Absolutely thrilled!



We treated ourselves to an advent calendar and it is AMAZING!! Every bottle is delicious and speaks of quality and flavour. Absolutely thrilled!
  • Algonquin Maple Old Fashioned
  • Canadian Old Fashioned
  • Candy Cane Martin
  • Chocolate Orange Northern Cream
  • Christmapolitan
  • Christmas Northern Cream
  • Christmas Rocks
  • Double Double Northern Cream
  • Espresso Martini
  • Fireside S'mores Northern Cream
  • Frosty Old Fashioned
  • Lavender Bees Knees
  • Merry Mojito
  • Mistletoe Kiss
  • Mocha Mudslide Northern Cream
  • Naughty Shot
  • Nice Shot
  • Peppermint Mocha Northern Cream
  • Peppermintini
  • Rudolf's Nose
  • Santa's Sipper
  • Santa's Sour
  • Winter Martini
  • Winter Spiced Vodka
What Sets It Apart

Two years in a row, this gem sold out in pre-order! It's not just about the drinks, but the crafted touch, the hand-batched finesse that sets it apart. While others may try to replicate, there's only one authentic Cocktail Advent Calendar, and discerning folks know the difference.

   ❄️ Unlock 24 Days of Canadian Distilled Cocktails
   ❄️Oversized Ready-to-Pour 50ml Bottles, No Mixing Required
   ❄️ Easy Gifting with our Festive Slipcover and Your Personalized Postcard
   ❄️ Our 3rd year with hundreds of reviews on Facebook & Google
   ❄️ Sold Out Last Year During Pre-Orders. Limited amount made each year!


Pre-order your Cocktail Advent Calendar now for just $175, a reduced price from its regular $200. But don't wait until the last minute, this offer ends soon! With shipping in November, you'll have your artisanal cocktail collection on time and avoid the holiday rush.


  • Free Shipping
  • 24 Days Advent Calendar
  • 24x 50ml Bottled Cocktails
  • Foam Insert (Ships safe)
  • Gift Wrapping Sleeve NEW
  • Personalized Gift Note
  • Arrives Before December
Was: $200         Pre Order Sale: $175
All of the 24 Included Flavours
Included Gifting Options
Cheers to a spirited holiday season! Please drink responsibly.

* Free shipping to Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. See FAQ for more details. 

Algonquin Maple Old Fashioned
Christmas Cream Cocktail
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