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Where Exceptional is a Daily Standard

Here at Union Ten Distillery, the premier distillery in London, ON, we get it. For you, it’s all about the food and drink. And you’re not easily impressed. But see, you’re a lot like us. Though we wouldn’t exactly call ourselves finicky eaters, we are foodies at heart. And we are, admittedly, somewhat over-the-top when it comes to spirits and cocktails. If we’re gonna eat and drink, we’re gonna eat and drink well. Really, really well.

So, we constructed our food and drink menus to satisfy even the most discerning palates, finicky or not, because it’s what delights our own taste buds and we think it’ll delight yours too.

When visiting Union Ten Distillery, you’ll be able to count on one overriding thing: quality. We simply refuse to compromise quality when it comes to what we serve our guests at our London distillery. Whether it’s a custom culinary creation from our own on-site chefs, or a liquid concoction dreamed up by one of our mixologists, every tiny detail has been selected for its exceptional quality. You can bet that every ingredient is local, fresh and hand-selected, as we will not accept just alright as being okay for our guests.

The Proof + Parrot

Funny enough, the Parrot has been loosely compared to a food truck parked inside a working distillery. We’re okay with the comparison because we know what deliciousness is always being served up. We invite you to get to our craft distillery early though, as our use of local, farm-to-table ingredients limits the amount we can make. So, beat your friends to the table and enjoy your favourites before they are gone for the night. With our unique and tasty twist on street food, you don’t wanna miss out. We infuse and enhance our house-made dishes with our own premium spirits, giving them a savoury kick that will have you coming back to our London distillery, again and again.

Our Pride and Joy

We’re a distillery, so obviously, our focus is pretty much glued on ensuring that every sip of every spirit is unsurpassed, delighting both aficionado and novice. All of our cocktails are crafted by hand and delivered with pride! Union Ten spirits, from our proprietary whisky to our custom gins and vodkas, promises to please the palate. Distilled on site, each craft liquor begins with a recipe that honours the tradition of Canadian distilling while incorporating exclusive, natural blends of ingredients.

But we’re not just limited to spirits. We’ve spent years perfecting our own custom bitters, homemade syrups, and aromatics. We’re ridiculously proud of our custom concoctions and are eager to share them with you and your friends.

Not feeling all that adventurous? We round out the libations with a variety of bottled beers and ciders and include some of our favourite liquors and spirits from around North America, giving you a world of drinking options.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet date, a boy’s night out or a family reunion, we’ve got you covered. Find out why Union Ten Distillery is London’s first choice for great dining and drinking by joining us.

Please Note: Our products are never tested on animals, just good employees and friends.