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Santa's Sour Tasting Notes

Presenting the Santa's Sour, a tangy and spirited cocktail that brings a touch of holiday magic to your glass. With its puckering tartness and festive flair, this drink is here to light up your taste buds and put a jolly smile on your face. Let's unwrap the flavorful secrets of Santa's Sour together!

Tasting Notes:

Taking a sip of the Santa Sour is like enjoying a classic whiskey sour with a twist. The lemon flavor takes the lead, zinging your taste buds with its bright, tangy kick. Then, the AppleJack quietly steps in, adding a hint of mellow apple goodness that's there to complement rather than overpower. The cane syrup adds a touch of sweetness, like a subtle caramel note that ties everything together. It's a harmonious blend of flavors, with lemon as the star and apple playing the supporting role.

Alcohol Content:

17% ABV

Serving Instructions:

Serve over ice


Shake Santa's Sour with ice in a martini shaker, strain into a chilled glass

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