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Orange Cocao Cream Soda Recipe

The Orange Cocao Cream Soda is a heartwarming cocktail perfect for the holiday season, combining the festive flavours of Chocolate Orange Northern Cream with the rich sweetness of crème de cacao and the sparkling touch of cream soda. This drink is a delightful blend of chocolate and citrus notes, capturing the essence of holiday cheer in a glass. Whether you're hosting a Christmas party or simply enjoying a cozy evening at home, this cocktail is sure to add a touch of festivity to your celebrations.

Photo as a muse: Your cocktail may look different.

50 ml Chocolate Orange Northern Cream

25 ml Crème de Cacao

100 ml Cream Soda (or to taste)

Orange Peel or Chocolate Flakes, for garnish


Combine Cream and Crème de Cacao: In a shaker or mixing glass, mix 50 ml of Chocolate Orange Northern Cream with 25 ml of Crème de Cacao. 

Shake or Stir Gently: If you're shaking, add ice and shake lightly to blend the flavours. If stirring, use a mixing glass with ice to gently combine the ingredients.

Strain into a Glass: Choose a glass and strain the mixture into it.

Top with Cream Soda: Add cream soda to your taste.

Garnish: Add a twist of orange peel or a sprinkle of chocolate flakes to garnish.

Final Note:

As you sip this delightful blend, let the decadent combination of chocolate and orange, complemented by the light fizz of cream soda, remind you of the joy of the holiday season. It's the perfect way to add a sophisticated and indulgent touch to your Christmas festivities.

Here's to a season of delightful surprises and joyful gatherings!

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