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Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur Tasting Notes

Our Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is made with pure Canadian vodka, rich cold brew coffee, and a touch of cane sugar to find the perfect balance of sweetness. Enjoy it in cocktails or sip over ice. This liqueur will give a little extra zap to your day.

Tasting Notes:

The Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur blends bold coffee flavors and smooth textures. It has a deep ebony color, similar to that of dark coffee.

The aroma is predominantly that of cold brewed coffee, strong and complex, which stands out against the vodka base. The vodka adds a crispness to the drink, while the syrup subtly suggests sweetness and fullness.

When tasted, the liqueur showcases the strong flavor of cold brew coffee, balanced by the syrup's sweetness. The vodka, although not dominant, complements the coffee's robustness. The syrup enhances the liqueur's texture, making it rich and smooth.

The finish features lasting coffee flavors that transition into a sweet aftertaste. Here, the vodka's clean and warming qualities are more noticeable.

Overall, the Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is a well-balanced combination of coffee and spirits, suitable for sipping on its own or in coffee-based cocktails.

Alcohol Content:
  • Vodka
  • 30% ABV

Shake bottle well before opening.

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