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Canadian AppleJack Tasting Notes

Discover Canadian AppleJack, a unique spirit born from Ontario's orchards and aged in oak and rye barrels. Its blend of locally sourced apples and traditional aging methods offers a distinct and enjoyable tasting experience.

Tasting Notes:

Canadian AppleJack greets the eye with a golden hue, suggesting its rich flavor profile developed from aging in oak and rye barrels. This color prepares one for a pleasant sensory journey.

The aroma is notable for its ripe apple scent, derived from Ontario-grown apples. This fresh apple aroma is complemented by understated hints of oak and a subtle rye accent, creating a balanced and inviting scent.

Tasting the Canadian AppleJack, the apple flavor is prominent, offering a natural blend of sweetness and tartness. The barrel aging adds depth, introducing soft notes of vanilla and caramel, along with a light spiciness from the oak and rye barrels, which adds to the flavor complexity.

The texture is smooth, reflecting its careful distillation and aging. It's easy on the palate, with a warmth that is comforting but not overpowering.

In the finish, the apple flavor remains, now more rounded and enhanced by the oak's influence. There's a seamless balance between the apple's sweetness and a mild rye spiciness. This finish makes the Canadian AppleJack enjoyable on its own or as a versatile ingredient in cocktails.

Alcohol Content:
  • AppleJack
  • 40% ABV
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