Canadian AppleJack Smash

Make your own Canadian Applejack Smash!

Blending our wood and barrel finished Orchard Whisky AppleJack with hints of lemon and a dash of pure maple syrup, this cocktail is iconically Canadian.

Easy to make and even more so to sip, follow the recipe below to try it yourself.


The Canadian AppleJack Smash is best served in a rock glass on ice. One large ice cube is preferred over several smaller ones, as it takes longer to melt, which prevents watering down the cocktail. 


• 2oz Union Ten AppleJack
• 2oz Union Ten Canadian Smash Mix
• 1 dehydrated cinnamon apple crisp


1. Place ice cube in rock glass
2. Pour Union Ten AppleJack into glass
3. Add Canadian Smash Mix
4. Stir once with a spoon
5. Drop dehydrated apple crisp into glass
6. Sip and enjoy!

Skip the trip order the Kit! Our Canadian AppleJack Smash Cocktail Kit comes with everything you need to make 6+ of these tasty cocktails.

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